Sell gift cards in Nigeria with Naira

What is a Steam gift card?

Steam gift card is a brand of gift card issued by the Steam platform. It is preloaded with a certain amount of money and redeemed on the platform for Steam credit.

A Steam card is a gift card that can be used on Steam. A Steam gift card can be used to buy games and software on the Steam website.

Why Coast?

When it comes to selling gift cards in Nigeria, the preferred place would be Coast Resources, based on good rates, fast payout, and 100% security. The best exchange platform for any form of gift card is Coast which is done by trading on the Coast app available for both IOS and Andriod users.

Steps on how to sell Steam gift cards in Nigeria.

Step 1

Download the Coast app.

   The first step to selling your Steam gift card is downloading the Coast app. There are numerous reasons why you should choose Coast but few of which include the advantages that come with your trade like security and reasonable rates.

Step 2

Sign up and register.

The second step after downloading the Coast app on any device is to sign up and register on the app which entails filling in your necessary details like name, password choice, and other information as required.

Step 3

Click on sell gift card.

On the homepage of the app, there is an icon displaying “Sell gift cards”. Click on it and and proceed to click on the type of gift card you would like to sell which in this case is the Steam gift card.

Step 4

Select the type of Steam gift card you’d like to trade and upload.

This could be a physical gift card or an e-code gift card. Either of which you would be required to fill in the details of the Steam gift card you are willing to sell.

Step 5

Get an instant valuation.

After inputting the details of your gift card, the Coast app will provide you with an instant valuation of your gift card, along with the amount you’ll be credited.

Step 6

Transfer or withdraw your money.

After getting the value of your gift card and submitting it, all you have to do is wait for the processing time to be completed so as to get your Coast wallet credited. After which you can decide to withdraw your money or transfer it to any bank of your choice without extra charges.

Do you want to sell your unused Steam gift card? Download the Coast App now!

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