Top gift cards you can trade on the Coast app.

Are you tired of receiving gift cards that you have no use for? Or have you ever received a gift card you wished you could trade for cash? If yes, then you are not alone! Fortunately, with the Coast app, you can easily trade your unwanted gift cards for those that are more valuable to you.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend, gift cards can be a great option. With the Coast app, you not only have access to a variety of gift cards from popular retailers, but you can also trade them in for cash. This gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect gift while also having the option to switch it up later. Plus, using the Coast app to trade gift cards is quick, easy, and secure.

Top giftcards on the Coast app

Steam Gift Card

This particular gift card is known for its use which is buying games and gameable content.
The newest games may be purchased and downloaded to your computer through the Steam gift card. You may also purchase credits for free games like PubG or COD using your Steam gift card which is currently one of the most popular games in Nigeria. Actually one of the most popular gift cards in Nigeria is Steam.

Razer Gold Gift Card

You can buy games, virtual goods, and gaming equipment with Razer Gold gift cards.
Additionally, you can give them to friends as gifts.
Another well-known gaming company that has the Nigerian gaming community in its grip is Razer Gold. You most certainly use Razer if you don’t purchase your PC games through Steam. Furthermore, the Razer Gold gift card has a very high rate.

Sephora Gift Card

For skincare,n body treatments, and hair products as well as makeup sets and other beauty products, Sephora Gift Cards can be used both online and in-store. You may buy and sell Sephora gift cards for cash in Naira or exchange them for cash.

Nordstrom Gift Card

This gift card is ideal if you enjoy fashion and designer brands. Gift cards from Nordstrom can be used to buy designer labels like Gucci, Lauren, and others from the retailer.

iTunes Gift Card

It’s crucial to understand that iTunes gift cards can ONLY be used to buy products and services from the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, for an Apple Music subscription, or for iCloud storage. Only the Apple Online Store and retail stores accept the redemption of Apple Store Gift Cards.

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Amex Gold Gift Card

Otherwise known as American Express can be used anywhere. Gift cards from AMEX are open-loop digital assets that can be used to make purchases everywhere AMEX is accepted.
It is quite simple for this digital asset to gain popularity throughout the world, including Nigeria, due to its nature and brand.

Google Play Gift Card

You can purchase your preferred digital entertainment using Google Play Gift Cards. The Google Play store offers millions of books, songs, movies, apps, and other media.
More than 3.5 million applications are available to customers worldwide in the Google Play store. Applications can be bought and downloaded via this marketplace using almost any Android-powered device. There should be no surprise why the Google Play gift card is popular in Nigeria because they serve as the best means of purchasing all paid items on the play store.


These gift cards are a few of the many gift cards that are quite popular in Nigeria and you can redeem them at Coast NG resources by downloading and trading them on the Coast app.
You can access the app any time you like and we guarantee a nice rate and fast pay on any gift card you decide to trade.

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